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Direct Investing
Investing directly at the wellhead with the operator will maximize real rates of return and income.
Higher Yields
Prudent investment in sound, well researched oil and gas drilling programs offer a significant monthly cash flow from the sale of production from oil and gas wells.
Our Energy Future
Are You Prepared? Our dangerous reliance on foreign oil can only be diminished by increasing our domestic production as quickly as possible.
Maverick was established in 2001 operating in Frio and Caldwell Counties in Texas. Management team has over 150 combined years of experience in the oil and gas sector.
Maverick's knowledge team of geologists, land men and engineers have been an integral part of our acquisition of leases in proven areas of oil reserves.
Our commitment is to operate with the highest ethical standards and transparency to our shareholders and clients.


Maverick Energy Group has current drilling in Caldwell County on the Larremore Fields in South Texas, and have been operating the Big Foot Field originally engineered by Shell. We also have a number of producing wells in West Virginia.

Caldwell County

Currently drilling in the Larremore field in Caldwell county. This acquisition is in a proven area of know oil reserves since 1948. We have drilled SWD wells and 3 of the 4 wells in our current offering. Our plan is to continue developing this unique area including the deeper zones that have not been explored. Maverick controls 654 acres of the field.

West Virginia

We have drilled 7 successful gas wells in 2005 through 2007. Currently producing and even though natural gas prices are low, the annualized returns are very competitive in a low interest environment. The company has also identified some great acquisitions in this booming area for future drilling and production purchases.


Crouch Lease

Approximately 800 acres (previously owned and developed by Diamond Shamrock) is adjacent to the Big Foot Field. Lease acquired based on the company’s reputation and success for increasing production and equity value. The area has identified and produced significant amounts of oil since the late 1940’s. The drilling area is home to the Bigfoot field that has produced over 52 million barrels of oil. Drill sites are located in areas of accessible drilling and pipeline access. Maverick controls 100% of leases.

Eagle Ford

The Eagle Ford shale (often spelled Eagleford) is not the next big thing in oil and gas plays, it is the “right now” big thing. You may have never heard of the Eagle Ford shale if you live outside of South Texas or are not in the oil and gas business but it will be big news in business circles around the rest of the country in the coming months. First recognized as a major natural gas play it is now being seen as possibly the sixth largest oilfield ever discovered in the United States and the largest discovery in over forty years.